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WELCOME PROJECT - THE FOREIGNER'S THEATRE is a company founded in Berlin in 2015 on the initiative of director and actress Chiara Elisa Rossini and since 2018 a cultural association based in Turin. The group is formed by an entirely female artistic team. A company devoted to the experimentation of performative language, Welcome Project seeks intimacy between the audience and the performers. In its works, it reflects on the relationship between the individual and society, existence and politics, freedom and fear, power and the dynamics of representation. The group makes use of collaborations with different artists, the core group is currently composed of Chiara Elisa Rossini, Maria Grazia Bardascino, Silvia Massicci, Aurora Kellermann and Anna Ida Cortese. 


Marina Carliccio Ph


Intimacy in The Age of Machines
Premiere 14-16 July 2023 @Opera Prima Festival

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