Intimacy in the Age of Machines

with Aurora Kellermann, Maria Grazia Bardascino, Silvia Massicci 

directionChiara Elisa Rossini 

consultancy and VR graphics Giuseppe Pascale 

production assistance Anna Ida Cortese 

Production Welcome Project 

with the support of TATWERK | Performative Forschung, del Centro di Residenza dell'Emilia Romagna "L'Arboreto - Teatro Dimora | La Corte Ospitale", del Teatro del Lemming - Residenze per la ricerca  teatrale e Cubo Teatro

We imagine a dystopian future where the relationship between human beings is gone
lost. Forever. And everyone is relegated to living in solitude, in a refuge, with the one and only company of a machine. A future perhaps not too distant, given the speed with which scientific research and the industry dealing with artificial intelligence proceed in the development of more or less anthropomorphic applications and machines, designed to interact and keep company.
Spectators are invited to meet one of these machines of the future capable of
offering an irreplaceable company. Will our species be able to save its most precious asset?
The show is designed as a one-to-one event.
Entrances every 30 minutes. Reservation is mandatory